luni, 3 decembrie 2018

Why is a wooden cutting board that important?

Every kitchen needs a  Strasnic cutting board! Our chic and practical designs come in a large variety, including wooden cutting boards, serving platter .


1.Are all natural and made from renewable resources - normally hardwoods;
2.The very best for keeping a keen edge on your kitchen knives;
3.Usually heavy and will not slide around on your counters;
4.Can be easily resurfaced - either with a sander or if no feet are attached they can be quickly ran through a wood planer with very sharp blades;
5.Most wooden examples are very attractive and lend an organic look to any décor;
6.Have been shown by multiple university studies to have a lower bacteria load than that of plastic - particularly as the plastic ages and receives more cut marks;
7.Although very subjective - wooden version have by far the best "feel" when sliced into;


1.Strong solutions of bleach cannot be used (although lighter dilutions are generally ok);
2.Must be keep hydrated with oil and (optionally) bees wax or food grade carnauba. wax;
3.Cannot remain soaked in water for long periods(although running under a faucet for cleaning is ok);

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