vineri, 30 noiembrie 2018

Get fancy with Strasnic

Try Strasnic cutting boards for a rustic look.

Not only can the table runner display all the delicious food you and your loved ones have made for Christmas, but it can also add to the beauty and atmosphere of the dinner table.
For something that will look great anywhere, our collection features boards with handles that look beautiful in any kitchen. Great for outdoor parties, cutting, and serving, these boards make wonderful personalized gifts.
We take great pride in the production of our boards and it shows. Our personalized cutting boards are  made in Romania, from select oak and ash, just for you and your loved ones.Both woods are excellent for kitchen use and will last for many years. 
The pieces of wood of oak and ash are carefully machined and hand sanded providing a very smooth finished product.  Each board is truly unique with slightly different wood grains so no two cutting boards are exactly the same.
 Our boards provide an ideal serving platter, cutting surface, and accent piece to complete any kitchen.

Make Santa jealous with a beautifully oak cutting board.
Get some for the reindeer  too!!!

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